Snow in Summer?

Words of Truth from the Proverbs
Proverbs 26

In Proverbs 26:1 we read

1 As snow in summer and rain in harvest, so honor is not fitting for a fool.

Throughout the Proverbs there are declarations, warnings and judgments placed against those who are called fools.

According to the context of Scripture, a fool isn’t just someone who does not know the Lord Jesus, he is someone who rejects the truths of Jesus even though he has heard them. Proverbs as well as the balance of Scripture gives very little hope for the fool.

We are warned that honor shouldn’t be given to a fool, promotion shouldn’t be given to a fool and places of leadership shouldn’t ever be given to a fool.

Yet, the unfortunate reality is we often look at individuals who live a life rejecting the truth of the Gospel and because they are talented or gifted or have experience in certain areas, we overlook their foolishness in spiritual areas and place them in areas of leadership or elect them to govern over the people. The Bible warns us against doing this.

How true the Bible’s warning that man looks on the outside, but God judges according to the heart.

You wouldn’t want or expect snow in the summertime, so why would we give a place of leadership and authority to a fool.

Rain during the time of harvest brings great damage to the crops, so giving honor to a fool damages the culture and even the nation.

If a man rejects the truth of God’s Word and the Hope of the Gospel, do you really want him reigning over you?

If a man or a woman refuses to bow the knee to God, are you willing to place yourself under their authority?

These are foolish times, but the Children of God need to stand for the Truth, otherwise we will receive the outcome of a fool.